Social Media and Its Effects on Gender

I recently watched a presentation by Joanna Blakely on social media and its effects on gender. I found her lecture to be very interesting. She points out that traditional advertising and marketing campaigns do not work in social media.  This is because social media does not lend itself to grouping individuals whether by class, gender, or race.  A few of the major points I found interesting were women’s use of social media was considerably higher than that of men.  Ms. Blakely cites that most marketing is directed towards men and this will have to change in the future.  Even though this is not directly related to education I do believe this has some profound ramifications for education. His social media point to be taken over by females?  Are men going to be left out in the new social media future?  This may affect how educators address both female and male participation in social media in schools.


One thought on “Social Media and Its Effects on Gender

  1. I really like the TED talks because I find most of the thought provoking. Gender and education (media, advertising, etc) obviously are things that interest me being a feminist studies major. Its interesting because there is almost a divide (albeit a bit of a false one) in technology. Studies generally say that men are more adapt at using and manipulating technology, whereas women are more consumers of technology (and social media). Theories suggest that a lot of this stems from the “belief” that men are better with the sciences and technology than women; yet, as Blakely points out women are higher users of social media – which to me still would be a form of technology.

    I think that gender studies are going to continue to play an important role in our understanding of social media, technology and education. Thanks for the interesting video link to watch.

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